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The Beauty of Tea

Tea has been enjoyed by people around the world since before history was first recorded. Probably originating in China during the Shang Dynasty, tea was first consumed medicinally. Throughout the ages tea increasingly gained popularity around the world, eventually becoming the most widely consumed beverage after water.

People have travelled great lengths to enjoy the world famous Tea at the Empress. The teas served in the hotel’s grand Lobby Lounge are some of the finest the world has to offer – from some of the world’s most renowned producers. These teas are ethically produced and not available on supermarket shelves, providing a truly luxurious experience.

Tea Blends

There are 21 teas available on the menu at any given time and they are rotated throughout the year with an eye to showcasing teas from all major growing areas around the world.

Culinary Offering

All of the menu items are created fresh daily using ingredients from local suppliers and served in the historic Lobby Lounge, filled with live classical piano accompaniment. Indulge in a classic Champagne Tea experience featuring Veuve Clicquot Champagne. We take pride in being able to cater to guests dietary requirements. Please call ahead of your visit for more information about how we can tailor the Tea at the Empress experience to your needs.